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Who is BreLou???

Vending 12.jpg

Born Brenda Louise from New Jersey, I was taught to ride motorcycles when I was 18 by my Mother and family friend, CalRab or "Rabbit".  Attending weekend rallies, I fell in love with the people, culture, and atmosphere of the MC World.  


Now age 48, I am an avid rider and Mother of three.  I love my bikes (Beauregard Jack, Pre-K, and Porn Star), Old No. 7, my tattoos, my family (by blood and by loyalty), my Mohawk, guns, knives, my Jeep (Mud Duck), my dogs (Yoda and Sheeba), Country Music, the gym, line dancing, skulls, and my creativity.  I was raised as a tomboy, since neither my Grandfather or Father had any sons.  They taught me how to fix, build, or make just about anything, to protect my Mom and my sisters, and to be strong when they were not.

I'm a nerd and a book worm with three Masters Degrees, but my inner thug is no punk.

I like to have fun, be the one smiling, and giving the biggest hugs because tomorrow is not guaranteed.  I enjoy my time to the fullest with those around me, otherwise.... why even leave the house?  I am a Believer, but I don't go to Church (there's more liars and thieves on the inside perpetrating as Saints, than on the outside).  I love my Country with all of its imperfections and show love to everyone I meet, even if it is not returned due to prejudice and hate.

Who is BreLou???   I am who I am.... the reality is that it's more important to notice who I am NOT.  I've been given one life and I intend to make the absolute best of it!!!

Lady in Red

Photo Shoot

ATL Bike Night

Just clownin'


Photo Shoot

Beauregard Jack

Old No. 7

Beauregard Jack

Old No. 7

Wonder Woman

Photo Shoot

Devil Wears Black

Photo Shoot


2013 HD Sportster 78

Jack Daniels

Photo Shoot

Mud Duck

2015 Jeep Rubicon

Pool Shark

Not sure if I made the shot....

Carnival Cruise

Lovin' life

Beauregard Jack

2010 HD Road King

Ready to Go

ATL MC Anniversary

Country Girl

FGL Concert

Biker Chic

Out pounding


Insane Inflatables 5K

Paint Party

Home remodeling


Doing me

Warrior Dash

5K Mud Run


...with Jack

Carnival Cruise

All Aboard!!!

Jack Tatt

Just being silly....

All White Party???

I had on white!

Ab Roller

666 Devil / 333 Half Evil

Ready to Ride

Me and Pre-K

Love my Goggles

Seeing into the Future

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Motorcycle Cruise - Awesome time!!!

Whoops!!! Sorry Hobby Lobby

Forgot what shirt I was wearing


Looks just like me!!!

Jack D Shoes

A little cray-cray for Old No 7

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